Tour France Champ Sticks By Astana

Reigning Tour France champ Vincenzo Nibali has stressed that won’t be leaving his team in spite of continuous doping allegations that have hit the Astana World Tour & Continental teams over the last few months this year.

Once again, Vincenzo lashed out at Valentin & Maxim Iglinskiy, the brother duo on his world Tour squad who came positive for consuming banned performance enhancing drugs last summer & the 3 cyclists in Astana Continental who failed in abnabolic steroid tests.

All total there have been 5 doping disclosures from Astana this year which is definitely a huge blow to the reputation of any sports team. Such a scandalous stance has put the Kazak team’s World Tour status under question leading to serious scanning from UCI. UCI License Commission has been asked the previous month to “undergo a comprehensive review on Astana Pro anti-doping & management policies.” Read more »

Sanne Cant wins UCI World Cup

Sanne Cant of the Enertherm-BKCP team became the winner of the Women’s race this Saturday at Koksijde UCI Cyclocross World cup. Sabrina Stuliens from Netherlands got the second place and Sophie de Boer, also a Dutch, got the third place. Stultiens finished six seconds ahead of de Boer. There are altogether six stops in this World Cup and Koksijde is the second stop.

Cant said afterwards that she thought that she was fit for the race but she doesn’t consider her performance to be better than the second place and the third place holders. She said that her plan for the race was good and further added that if one is fit then naturally they are in a very advantageous position. The course of the race was difficult and some parts of it were sandy which slowed the race and also caused many riders to crash or made them get off their bikes and carry their bikes through the sandy parts.

Cant also said that the sandy parts were indeed difficult. She said that in spite of being at the front, she found it hard to create distance between her and the riders who were behind her. She said that she did manage to create that distance in the last lap of the race. Cant also said that she can ride well in the sand but in this race she found it difficult to ride as there were so many sandy parts and also because the sand was dry.

Katie Compton, an American rider, suffered asthma attacks and allergy problems during the race because of which she got the 10th place. Compton said afterwards that she recently recovered from illness and hence wasn’t adequately fit for the race. According to her, the asthma attack and her fitness problems along with the tough sandy parts of the race were the reasons for which she could not go as fast as she could.

The 8th Annual Mountain Bike Race at Dongducheon

For the city of Dongducheon, the Wangbang International Mountain Bike match is a huge event where soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division and the 210th Field Artillery Brigade took part. This was the 8th Annual match.

Col. Michael J. Lawson and Mayor Oh Sea-Chang opened the ceremony by firing guns to start the races for the day. Col. Lawson spent the whole day by encouraging the riders and checking the safety of their bikes. The Thunder Brigade riders had the whole day to socialize with the riders from Korea and they projected the goodwill by taking part in friendly competitions.

The 1st sergeant of HBB Willie Vines gave a speech that Thunder Brigade has for Dongducheon and that is continuous to grow every year. He said that he thinks it is very important to build a mutual trust and friendship between the military and the communities so that they both understand each other more. They want to impart a common feeling of protection towards Korea.

The match sees not only amateurs but professionals too from all over South Korea and the whole world. The difficult course makes every rider use all their skills in the tool kit of mountain biking. The rider needs to be in constant knowledge of what conditions he is about to face on the course as it is long and has many grueling climbs. They have to make the necessary adjustments.

Major James Brandt has been very excited about the race and he finished before two and a half hours. He had nothing but praise about the race organizers and the people living in Dongducheon. He said that he loves the city and the race has been one of the best. Since he had been in the city he has been outdoors every weekend.

Most of the soldiers who serve in Thunder Brigade have the same sentiment for the people and the city of Dongducheon. This is because the city in situated among the mountains and gives an array of entertainment and outdoor sports for the enthusiasts.

Bradley Wiggins on Geraint Thomas

Sir Bradley Wiggins has nothing but praise for his fellow team sky rider Geraint Thomas. The 28 years old cyclist’s dramatic win in Commonwealth games Glasgow made him the first Welshman to bag gold in commonwealth cycling. Sir Wiggins is positive about Geraint Thomas winning Tour de France.

Wiggins said, “He can win any bike race he turns his attention to and I include the Tour de France.”  He further added,” He’s got so much talent, determination; he’s one of the hardest people I’ve ever met on a bike.”

However in a T.V interview, Wiggins raised his concern about Thomas’s participating in different events would not let him exert his fullest potential on particular categories, he strongly feels that Thomas should specialize.

Wiggins said, “I think he’s in a difficult position now, because he can do so much he’ll end up doing everything and maybe not specializing in one thing.”

“This season will probably define what he ends up doing in the next few years.” Wiggins was quoted as saying.

Thomas too has similar views to that of Wiggins on this matter, he said that he has great reverence for Wiggins and his accomplishments and keeping in mind Wiggins’s words about him boosts his confidence and belief.

“I’ve always done a bit of everything: grand tours, week races, classics. I definitely feel like I need to pick one really and go for that next year and I’ve done that. With the results I’ve had, I feel like I’ve stepped up to that level and it’s time to decide where I want to go and go for it.” Thomas said.

The Olympic gold medal cyclist once said, “Being on the podium in the Tour de France would be the dream”

Geraint Thomas is World Champion in track cycling and has won gold medal in Olympics in team pursuit.

James May: Road Sectarianism Needs To End

James May is one of the presenter of the television show Top Gear (British series exclusively dedicated to motor vehicles). He has recently put forward the opinion that road sectarianism must come to an end and he is really supporting the campaign called Cities Fit for Cycling which was initiated by the Times.

Although James May is very closely associated with Top Gear and has years of motoring expertise, he owns around three bicycles and uses bicycles for short distance journeys. Even May’s co-presenter of Top Gear- Jeremy Clarkson utilizes bicycles in order to commute shorter distances.

Motorists and cyclists are always projected as two warring tribes, which according to May is a dangerous thing to do. James May thinks that road sectarianism will come to an end only when every single person utilizing the roads is equally pragmatic and cooperative.

May is completely against the claims that the motorists uphold that the roads belong to them and not to the bicyclists. He is of the opinion that roads can be used by everyone irrespective of whether a person is riding a bicycle or driving a car.

In order to make sure that the overcrowded roads of Britain are freed up in the best possible manner, more and more people need to be encouraged to engage in cycling.

Cities Fit for Cycling venture is being supported by not only James May but also British Cycling and the AA. The main demand of this campaign is to force the government to create a special budget which would be exclusively be used for constructing safe bike lanes in Britain.

Cycling has been gaining popularity in London. People have been trying to accommodate cyclists on the roads and also modifying their driving habits as and when required. However, cyclists should avoid dangerous roads at all times and ride slowly on pavements which are wide.